Pool safety is about more than not running around the pool.

In order to maintain the safety of your pool you need to monitor and maintain fences, gates and walkways. The pool perimeter, deck, rails, coping, lighting, and other items of possible concern also need regular checks to avoid hefty fines.

Pool Maintenance and inspections allow you to maintain peace of mind. Enjoy your pool care free knowing you and your family are safe.

Safety is essential when it comes to pool ownership. Exposed water can be a life threatening hazard when not properly closed off and maintained. If your pool is deemed a hazard you can be liable for any damages or loss of life incurred in its vicinity.

Buying a new house with a pool?

Are you a Real Estate Agent sorting a pool inspection for your buyer? A Property Rental Agent wanting to keep the property up to date and compliant? Or are you someone who just wants to keep themselves abreast of the legislation surrounding pool compliancy?

You receive a detailed report.

The report summarises my professional evaluation on the condition of the pool and associated accessible equipment. Listed in this report are the recommendations for maintenance and repairs or just any items that you may need to keep an eye on.

If you would like to do a quick survey of your property before I pop out to see you, simply click on the link below for the pool safety guide provided by the QBCC.

Pool Safety

Pool Compliance